Bang The Table to Motivate Citizen Engagement – Matt Crozier


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What does citizen engagement look like in your city or town? Is it people yelling at each other in a 6 pm meeting when most of the sane people are at home having dinner? Why does it seem like only the angriest people show up? My guest today has a solution that makes public participation more palatable, more accessible, and more enjoyable for the average person. That means valuable information from a wider swath of the population. And for those of you thinking that means more angry responses, you may be surprised to hear what happens when you take engagement online.

Matt Crozier and  founded Bang the Table with Crispin Butteriss in Australia in 2007.  Through Bang The Table, Matt has connected with millions of people on behalf of hundreds of clients in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the USA. Matt brought Bang the Table to the US last year.

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