7 Ways to Jumpstart your Profitability and Impact

This episode is all focused on forward motion – 7 ways to jumpstart profitability and impact.

1. Grasp the relationship between profit and impact

2. Identify your money demons and get rid of your head junk

3. Don’t mix business and pleasure

4. Set up a solid accounting system and don’t let the pretty software fool you

5. Get help when you need it

6. Read and implement Profit First

7. Set up an impact account

And the Takeaway: Those who do good and those who make money should be one and the same. Money isn’t evil, it’s just something that we use to keep track of how much we work and how much we consume. We all need it because we all need food and security. 

Not making money is not an option for most people. How we make money, however, can be a choice. Do you just bring home a paycheck, or do you labor to make a positive difference in the world? 

Whether we make enough money to sustain our impact can also be a choice. This one is trickier. This one can involve some self-imposed voodoo mind control and rewriting the myths that hold you back.

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