Quantified: Redefining Conservation Using Transaction-based Strategies with Joe Whitworth of Freshwater Trust

It is in every cell of our body. Factories, cities, and forests all depend on it. It is so ingrained in our everyday life, that water is practically invisible when we have it. But when we don't, it is catastrophic. Water thus has a dual identity. In one instant, water is a a mild mannered element simply doing its job. In the next, it is a wild drama queen stirring up emotions and contentions human conflict. 

We humans have a long history of fighting over water. If we aren't draining the neighbor's well, we are poisoning the aquifer or even fighting wars to ensure access. Joe Whitworth sees a better way to address environmental protection than idealism and finger pointing.  His approach - dubbed quantified conservation -  blends environmental and economic metrics to produce transaction-based strategies to realize outcomes with environmental, social, and economic gains.