How EPA Makes the World Happier and Healthier


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Live Webinar:  3-4 p.m. ETMay 10: Using the EcoService Models Library

Tammy Newcomer-Johnson will present on the EPA's new EcoService Models Library. This online database allows users to find, examine, and compare ecological models to estimate the production of ecosystem goods and services. Newcomer-Johnson will describe how the library can help decision makers make informed decisions about which ecological models they should use to understand how their decisions will affect ecosystem goods and services. Advanced registration is required. 

EcoService Models Library

EPA Health Impact Assessments

EPA EnviroAtlas

Stop and smell the roses! Or…whatever native flower is in bloom. It’s an easy thing to take for granted. On the surface, the pleasures granted to us by a working ecosystems and a clean environment can seem small and fleeting as we immerse ourselves in the day to day push of the modern world. In truth, we are completely and utterly sustained by natural systems. That is why there are legions of people dedicated to keeping these natural systems intact to support human health and well-being. The US Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for much of the joy and comfort that we Americans take for granted.

Dr. Tammy Newcomer-Johnson currently leads the EcoService Models Library (ESML) which is a part of EPA’s suite of ecosystem services tools.

Joel Hoffman’s research is focused on sustainable management of coastal ecosystems, particularly related to ecosystem services, fisheries, and invasive species. Joel is on the leadership team for the first Health Impact Assessment to be conducted for a major wetland restoration project in the Great Lakes.

Tammy and Joel give us the inside scoop on The EPA. Hint: It’s probably not what you think it is.