Hip-Hop Architecture with Sekou Cooke


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Sekou Cooke Studio: sekoucooke.com
The Fifth Pillar: The Case for Hip Hop Architecture (2014) ArchDaily
Twitter: @Sekou21
Instagram: @Sekou21
Alejandro Aravena Elemental Project
Quinta Monroy

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Video of Talk/Panel at Harvard's Black In Design Conference

Hip-hop architecture. Is it a paradox? Or is it inevitable? On the one side: structured formality by necessity. On the other: a powerful counterculture defying formality.  It seems that hip-hop doesn’t want to be architecture; and architecture doesn’t want to be hip-hop...yet. Sekou Cooke puts hip-hop within the historical context of other cultural movements and their influence on architecture. He suggests that as a dominant cultural movement of our generation, hip-hop is poised to produce its own architecture.