Demolishing the Ivory Tower: Linking Learning to Markets with Brian Demers of Brown University


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Website:  Brown Univeristy - Industry Engagement

Most of us are not used to hearing the words business development and university in the same sentence.  And for most of us, when we think of development within a university, we think of student enrollment and/or raising money from charitable donors. Some of us might think research grants.

But wait. What is the end-goal of all of that research? Academic journal articles are great as a record of scientific achievement, but if those articles are the last stop, what is the point? How can research move from the ivory tower into the real world?  

Brian Demers works at the sweet spot between scientific invention and commercial viability. Brian is Director of Business Development in the Office of Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing at Brown Univerisity.  In other words, he builds the bridge between university research and commercial markets. Brian assists faculty in identifying and developing inventions that can become viable products and services. He establishes partnerships between the university and commercial entities, and he helps get start-ups off the ground.