Environmental Planning 1974-Today with Brian Mooney of Rick Engineering


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In the 1970’s, some big environmental acts were passed that you might have heard of – The Clean Air Act, The Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and NEPA – the National Environmental Policy Act. The impact that these polices have on our lives and on our health is enormous…and almost invisible to the average person because we tend to take things like clean air and clean water and forests and beaches for granted. But if it weren’t for those four pieces of legislation passed in the early seventies, we would be living in a very different world.

My guest for this show was an environmental planner in the early seventies when these policies were just getting off of the ground and provides a fascinating retrospective on environmental planning in California.

Brian Mooney is currently the managing principal for the new Community planning and sustainable development department at Rick Engineering in San Diego California. Brian’s rich experience spans both the public and private sector and just to keep things extra lively he serves as an adjunct professor at several universities, which have included UC San Diego, the New School of Architecture & Design and others.

Rick Engineering was founded in 1955 in San Diego California. Since then, Rick has grown in scope and in geography and now has offices that reach across California and into Arizona.