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Ingrid Heilke

Ingrid is the host of The Private Side of Public Work podcast, where she uncovers the many-faceted relationship between the public and private sectors.

Ingrid is also founder and Consulting CFO at Viridian Analytics and a Profit First Professional. She blends her superpowers in finance, urban planning, and decision science to grow the financial health and innovative capacity of firms and professionals in the urban planning and design sector.

As an urban scientist and planning specialist, Ingrid understands cities and placemaking. As a former federal contractor, she understands the thrills and challenges of initiating trailblazing projects within a government context. As a seasoned researcher, she understands social science methodology and how to bend it to the will of human centered design and innovation. As an entrepreneur and a consultant to CEOs, she understands the decision landscape of business.

Part of Ingrid’s inspiration for her current work was cultivated at the US Environmental Protection Agency, where she integrated city planning principals into the Agency in ways that re-shaped its approach and priorities.  While at EPA, she built tools to help municipalities across the country to make better decisions and achieve better sustainability outcomes.  After the 2016 election, she transitioned to supporting the decisions at the organizational rather than municipal level.

Ingrid’s financial acumen was honed through helping countless small businesses gain financial clarity as well as strengthening hedge fund investment strategies through modeling and forecasting company fundamentals and industry trends.  

Ingrid earned a Master’s in City Planning from MIT and a Certificate in Environmental Planning as an MIT Energy Initiative Fellow.  M.I.T also named her a Graduate Woman of Excellence for her leadership and service contributions.  She also holds a B.A. from University of California, Santa Cruz, with Highest Honors in Anthropology and Environmental Studies.   

Danielle Sturm

Danielle is the Media and Communications Intern for The Private Side of Public Work podcast.  Danielle applies her skills in business and her knowledge of the entertainment industry to grow the podcast audience, cultivate high-caliber guests, and ultimately expand the platform. 

Danielle’s enthusiasm for music and entertainment compelled her to pursue first a B.S. in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management. Her desire to fuel the entertainment industry as a whole, drove her to compliment her B.S. with an M.B.A. Danielle is excited to ride the wave of technology innovation as it opens up new possibilities for media and entertainment.

When Danielle is not at a concert you can find her studying, working one of her three jobs, or disc jockeying her radio show on JWU Live. 


Jeff DuClos

Jeffrey began his adolescent artistic journey by dabbling in street art. As the son of a musician, he grew up in a recording studio, always with an instrument at arms-reach. His multi-decade, multi-media explorations have culminated in a unique style that bends the edges of photojournalism and straightens the question marks of abstraction.  As the Audio-Visual Technician for the Private Side of Public Work Platform, Jeff coordinates live audio, video, and still photography to capture the best side of his subjects in high resolution.  Jeff applies his mastery in editing and post-production to provide polished audio-visual materials for marketing, social media, and audience engagement. Jeff holds a B.A. in Psychology and Communications.