Designing Radical Hospitality: Changing the Experience of Homelessness with Pop-Up Care Villages - Guneet Anand and Eri Suzuki of Urban SiteLab Studio

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Homelessness is one of those problems that can feel hopelessly intractable at times.  Those of us that live in cities see it on a daily basis, but feel at a loss for what to do beyond spare change.

Site Lab Urban Studio Guneet Anand and Eri Suzuki of Site Lab Studio were inspired to offer good design, rather than just spare change, when they crossed paths with Lavae Mae.

Lavae Mae is a nonprofit organization promoting dignity and opportunity among the homeless community. SITELAB collaborated with Lava Mae to design spaces that contain what they call "radical hospitality." They call these spaces Pop Up Care Villages.

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On this show, we will dig into the personal connections and new perspectives that Guneet and Eri developed over the course of the project, and how these have shifted their approach to design across other Site Lab projects.