How Does This Partnership Work?


Why is a Media Partnership a Win-Win-Win?

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Why do NPC Vendors Want Us in the Expo Hall?

  • We amplify publicity for their company or brand to an audience within their industry
  • Our Media presence will benefit potential vendors for the NPC 2018 by giving them promotional tools to amplify their marketing and brand awareness

What We Provide for the APA:

  • Increased awareness of and interest in NPC through announcements of our presence in the vendor hall in advance of the conference
  • Increased traffic to the vendor hall by podcast fans
  • Short video collage of vendors to use on APA website to promote participating vendors and to market vendor hall for NPC19
  • Metrics to track progress of media partnership strategy in 90, 180, and 270 day reports, including:
    • Total social media mentions
    • Total views
    • Total branded audio reposts
    • Total sales

What We Provide to NPC Vendors:

  • Each vendor in the expo hall has priority access to our recording booth where we will record a 2-5 minute audio or video interview that they can use on their website and/or social media
  • Each vendor will be given access to priority scheduling calendar that they can book recording sessions using a web application or in-person
  • Three vendors with the most compelling stories will be invited for a full interview on The Private Side of Public Work podcast
  • 90, 180, 270 day metric reports after the conference.  Tracking:
    • Social media mentions
    • Total downloads
    • Total views
    • Total sales

What the APA Provides to The Private Side of Public Work:

  • Press passes for our team
  • A dedicated space in the vendor hall