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Urban planning, government, public policy, art, architecture, design. These are all things that exist in the public realm. They impact the way our cities look, the way we live our lives. We are used to hearing about the public side of public work. We hear about "best practices" that showcase the most successful programs or policies. We see finished products, polished and shined. We're not doing that here. On this show, we pull back the curtain and delve into the Private Side of Public Work. We ask the questions that people may be afraid to answer, but that need to be brought into the open to make our cities, our companies, buildings, our governments, and ultimately our lives, run better.


What is The Private Side of Public Work?

Our blog supports our podcast and has given us a platform to evolve into live speaking engagements, locally and nationally.  We are a growing media outlet comprised of a podcast, blog, and live speaking engagements within the urban planning sector.  Our panel proposal, The Private Side of Public Work LIVE for the National Planning Conference 2018 has already been well received by the APA Private Practice Division.